What we do

We focus our analysis on the statistical aspects of a market's behaviour.

We use proprietary algorithms to search our extensive databases for historical examples of market conditions similar to those being seen today.

It could be that the market has seen an unusual sequence of rallies or falls, or has posted a particularly large move higher or lower. Maybe the market is trapped within a very tight trading range, or has made a long-term high or low?

Not only does our research highlight these sequences and events, it also gives you a clear indication of what has happened in the past AFTER we have seen these price dynamics.

Has the market usually rallied or fallen? What was the size of the move? Where has the market historically found support and resistance? Has there been a breakout? How rare is the current sequence of gains or losses, or how unusual is it to see price action like we are seeing now?

We provide our clients with a stream of concise, tradable information which frames the current price action within an historical context and highlights potential opportunities.

Our research is read by hundreds of the top traders at banks and hedge funds all over the world.


Our analysis is available for the following instruments:

Spot FX


Equity Indices

E-Mini S&P Futures, EuroStoxx 50 Futures, DAX Futures
FTSE Futures, DOW Jones Cash Index, Nikkei Cash Index

Fixed Income

US 10-Year Note Futures, Bund Futures, Bobl Futures
Schatz Futures


Spot Gold, WTI Crude Oil Futures